Efficient staff augmentation is the key to reducing costs and eliminating backlog for claims administration

Partner with people, not procedures.

You know that outsourcing your claims administration improves performance, but have you considered all the benefits people provide?

Trust leaders who have made a career in health plan administration.

For our highly detailed and complicated industry, consider partnering with people, not procedures. Outsourcing to Cobalt MedPlans is more like a partnership. We work within your system and become an extension of your existing processes. That makes it quick and easy. And, because we know all types of claims administration platforms, we provide an experienced view and make recommendations that have long-term benefits.

Trust a workforce experienced and trained in claims management.

We hire and train awesome talent. Our employees go through an extensive three-stage hiring process that determines qualifications and motivation. They are compensated based on a pay-for-performance method and given incentives directly tied to accomplishments. Along with hiring knowledgeable staff, we also monitor quality by performing regular audits. Our goal is to efficiently manage each claim from end-to-end as well as identify issues before it negatively impacts your organization, and our people have the experience to make that happen.

Partner with Cobalt MedPlans to reduce cost and quickly enhance performance.

Deciding to outsource your claims administration does not have to be difficult and time consuming. We customize our engagements based on your needs. Our experience and knowledge allows us to easily reduce costs and meet your expectations.

If you’re considering outsourcing your claims administration, call Cobalt MedPlans to schedule a 30-minute consultation at 855.275.4747.

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