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We are your partners


Cobalt MedPlans’ well-honed methodology is built with the rigor and discipline to serve you as a partner, helping you get the work done. Our people are experts in tailoring and delivering an outsourcing solution that meets your specific needs.

Our methodology is built on a deep understanding of the principles for successful outsourcing:

  • Understanding where your business generates value and outsourcing everything else.

  • Increasing efficiency and becoming scalable with increased stability.

  • Finding a trustworthy partner and enhancing your existing processes with minimal disruption.

  • Knowing exactly the specialized skill you need, and you can specifically explain the benefit outsourcing will provide.

  • Knowing when you are getting so busy that you are concerned your team might miss proposed project goals.

 How we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace


Our commitment to quality

We measure our performance not only according to our clients’ internal standards and SLAs, but also to our own standards. We set the bar high, and we work relentlessly to achieve the extremely high accuracy metrics that all of our clients deserve to expect.